Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Using Dermal Fillers for Hand Restoration

When it comes to reversing the effects of aging and repairing skin damage caused by the sun, dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are popular non-surgical solutions for minimizing wrinkles and sagging. And although the damage can happen in a few areas on the body, people usually direct more of an emphasis on the face and neck. Unfortunately, the hands are often equally as damaged, if not more. But people tend to neglect them, not realizing that the wrinkling of the hands can reveal dramatic signs of aging and sun damage, even if the face appears smoother. Choosing dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane can rejuvenate the hands and minimize the byproducts of getting older and exposure to the sun, just like they do for the face and neck. The injection of these fillers adds volume to the hands, by plumping them up, so some of the fullness they once had can return. The filler gel is a substance made from hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component in the skin. It helps to smooth wrinkles and reduce sagging, by going beneath the surface and volumizing the encompassing tissue. Surprisingly, the hands can show more signs of collagen loss and crepey skin as we age, because the skin on the hands is thinner. The damage is accelerated from exposure to the sun and environmental irritants. You’ll start to see the fatty tissue in the hands begin to diminish, making the skin translucent and shriveled. Eventually the hands look boney and the veins and tendons began to show through the skin. You also experience the loss of elasticity, which prevents the skin from bouncing back when it’s pinched. So it’s importance to address the damage on your hands, just like you would your face and neck. They’re always on display and can easily give your age away.   So consider getting a Juvederm or Restylane injection for aging hands that have wrinkled and lost collagen. They’re painless and are most cost effective than surgery. Most dermal fillers will last for 12 to 15 months. Come on in to our office for your dermal filler treatment. It’s an affordable treatment that has amazing and lasting results. We’re open 10AM to 6PM Tuesday – Friday and 10AM – 4PM on Saturdays for your convenience. Drop by and talk with us. Advanced Skin Fitness 2928 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219 (214) 521-5277    

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