Friday, August 5, 2016

17 Tiny Tweaks Celebrities Use to Look a Decade Younger

How do some celebrities in their 50’s manage to look like they’re in their 30’s? If you think the answer is thousands of dollars spent on plastic surgery, insanely expensive creams, secret Hollywood diets, or elite personal trainers, think again. The real answer costs much less and simply involves making tiny tweaks to your daily life. Some of the most youthful looking women simply do the same things you already do, a little bit differently. Here are 17 things you can start doing today to easily shave at least a decade off your appearance too.   Look Instantly Slimmer by Standing Up Straight You might be surprised at what a big difference good posture can make in your appearance. When you slump forward your stomach pushes out creating a pot-belly look and you lose inches off your height, effectively scrunching down your overall mass. By standing up or sitting up straight you elongate the body and create a more pleasing overall shape. The more you remind yourself to straighten your posture the more naturally it will come to you. Soon you’ll find yourself noticing that your posture is excellent without even having to think about it. Stand in front of a full length mirror with your weight evenly positioned over both feet Squeeze your shoulder blades together and “tuck them into your back pockets”. You’ll notice your shoulders visually squaring off, and your chest coming forward. Lift your head up so that the weight of it is centered over your neck Admire how good you look Set a reminder on your phone that says “check posture” to go off every 30 minutes. When you see the reminder, whether you are standing, sitting, or walking, straighten your spine and lead with your chest. Subtract 6 months from your age.       Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening Years of bad habits can take a toll on the color of your teeth and whitening toothpaste can only get you so far. At home whitening kits can be difficult to apply evenly and may result in mottled colored teeth. To restore your bright pearly whites, it’s safest to go with a professional treatment. These don’t have to be expensive (at our office here it will run you $399) and usually takes under an hour. If you decide you would like to have your teeth professionally whitened, follow these steps: Look at your schedule for this week and find a day where you have an extra hour or two. Pick up your cell phone or house phone Call Advanced Skin Fitness at (214) 521-5277 Mention you would like to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening on the day you have chosen. If you decide to try your hand at it at home; follow these steps: Get in your car and drive to your nearest drug store Do a little shopping. Choose a teeth whitening kit that includes trays and only has 1 product. When you get home, read the instructions very carefully. Fill the tray with the provided gel, put it on your teeth and set a timer for the prescribed amount of time. Watch a show or read a book to pass the time. When the time is up remove the trays and rinse your teeth and mouth out with clean room temperature water. Don’t use cold water. Your teeth will be too sensitive. Admire your stunning bright smile! Subtract another 6 months from your age.     Get Healthy Full Brows by Filling Them in Correctly Years of tweezing and age can thin your brows but it’s very easy to get natural looking full eyebrows. Even if you’ve already got nice full eyebrows, filling them in with a little eyeshadow and light pencil will even them out and make them look healthier. Always go a shade or two lighter than your natural brow color if you’re a brunette, and the shade of the darkest hair on your head if you’re a blonde. You want this to look natural, not clownish. Gather your tools. You will need a cream or wax highlighter or your regular concealer, an angled brush, eyeshadow powder and a pencil in the correct colors. Standing under a well lit mirror outline the outside of your brows with highlighter or concealer and blend it in. This helps to define your shape and pop the hairs forward. Take your pencil and staying within the hair line begin at the bottom part of your brow nearest your nose. make light quick strokes on the bottom line only. Resist the urge to color in the middle part of your brow. Now take your angled brush and dip it into your shadow powder. Look for any holes, or thin spots in the brow and make quick passes pulling the color through the brow, up and outward mimicking the growth direction of your hair. Concentrate the color on the out sides of your brow and barely hit the center for a natural look. Subtract another 6 months from your age.   Add Instant Shine to Your Hair Why do we associate glossy hair with beauty? Women in their 20’s have naturally healthy youthful and glossy hair. Chemical dyes, heat treating and abuse, however, can leave locks dull and lifeless. Also as we get older, hair tends to lose much of its original shine. A shine enhancing hair serum or argan oil will infuse hair with luster and gloss, instantly brightening your face and making your hair look touchably beautiful. Start with clean dry hair Pump a quarter sized amount of serum or argan oil into your palm Rub your hands together, evenly distributing and warming the oil Begin near the ends of your hair and pat the serum on in short downward strokes Work your way up toward your roots going no higher than the tops of your ears. You want more of the serum concentrated near the ends of your hair where strands tend to be drier and more damaged and less serum higher […]

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