Friday, March 3, 2017

Are Your Tattoos Hurting Your Professional Image?


You’re ready for your BIG interview and you can feel it your bones, the job is yours. Why not? Your resume is impressive and you just purchased a new suit for your meeting. You’re all set. But what about the thorny rose that you have tattooed on your neck? Sure, it looks mad cool, but it may not go over well with your interviewer, especially if you’ve applied for a position that requires you to perform in a professional work environment. Your first thought is to just cover it up, but let’s get real, there’s no covering your tat up. It’s just too prominent, so you need to think about having it permanently removed.

You may be thinking, what’s the big deal? Most people you know are inked somewhere on their bodies. Even your grandma has one. Gone are the days when tattoos were isolated to truckers, bikers and military men. Nowadays you can expect people from all ages and professions to be “tatted” up.  They get them to express their personalities and style or to make a statement. Now, yours needs to go. Actually, if you insist on keeping the tattoo, it could compromise your chances of securing a job, getting a raise, landing a promotion, or retaining your employment. What’s more important, the artwork on your skin or your dream job?

More conservative jobs occupations like banks, accounting, retail, customer service and health care would prefer that you don’t have tattoos in plain view. They can be distracting and sometimes offensive if there’s a controversial symbol involved. Some exceptions are made if you’re not interacting with the public, but if you want to increase your chances of getting the job, have the tattoo professionally removed could be your best bet.

For the most effective and fast tattoo removal, you should try Cutera Enlighten System. It’s a laser treatment that uses two different types of laser beams, combined with two different types of laser pulses. Fast laser pulses break down the colors from the tattoo ink into small particles and the body will naturally absorb the color through the skin. All colors of the ink can be removed, even solid tattoos and ones with shadows and fading.

Compared to earlier tattoo removal procedures, which take about ten to thirty sessions, it takes less time to remove the tattoo with Cutera Enlighten System. In fact, in about four to six sessions, the tattoo should be cleared. The cost is lower too, averaging about $300-$500 per session. If you only need a few sessions, it’ll be easier on your wallet.

And if you’re concerned about pain or discomfort, it’s pretty painless. You’ll feel like you’re getting snapped with a rubber band, which involves very little discomfort. Some patients worry about scarring after the treatment, but if you follow the proper after-care instructions, you won’t need to worry about any scarring at all. There’s no downtime and no side effects if you avoid direct sunlight. Make sure you use sunscreen and eat healthy meals, so the tattoo particles can be naturally expelled from your body.
Now, do your best to secure the job you’ve been waiting for and get that tattoo removed with Cutera Enlighten System at Advanced Skin Fitness.

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