Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Want Coolsculpting but Worried About Pain?

Hours and weeks of cardio, weights and Pilates have failed to shed the excess flesh hanging over your bra clasp. The winter is fast approaching and if it means having to freeze your fat to make it vanish completely, then it might be worth taking a chance. Besides, you’ll avoid surgery and you don’t need days to recover after the treatment. But perhaps fear of discomfort you may have during the procedure is holding you back. The idea of freezing fat gives you the chills. Oh come on! Isn’t a little chill worth a shortcut to fat-loss? Coolsculpting is simple and safe. The physician delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. The treated fat cells are crystallized-frozen, then die. There’s no pain involved, but it’s definitely cold! One patient reported  that the application is not painful, but cold and uncomfortable at first. Eventually the cooling discomfort goes away. After a couple of days she began to see the fat around her mid-section slowly disappear. That made her loose all traces of doubt that she made the right choice. There may be some other odd sensations after the procedure, but they’re tolerable and don’t last. You may experience some itching, tingling, numbness and possibly soreness for several days. That ‘s not such a big deal if it means you’ll gradually begin to see fat melt and your body contour to a more attractive shape. Coolsculpting is one of the most popular cutting edge, non-invasive procedures for fat reduction offered by physicians. If you can take a little cooling and some other minimal responses, then this is one of the easiest ways to lose that stubborn flesh that just won’t disappear after dieting and exercise. There are no overnight miracles leading to the perfect body. But Coolsculpting comes pretty close. Call us or visit us in person and watch the fat gradually melt away! We’re open 10AM to 6PM Tuesday – Friday and 10AM – 4PM on Saturdays for your convenience.

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