Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Laser Hair Removal Unavailable for People with Dark Skin?

It’s the end of November and you’ve started thinking about finding presents for your family. If you’ve considered giving yourself a present this year, maybe laser hair removal came to mind as a gift you’ve always wanted to give yourself.

But alas, you have dark skin and you’ve read that laser hair removal won’t work on darker skin types. You may have read reports stating that it’s easier for the laser to “see” the hair follicles that it needs to hit when there’s a higher contrast between paler skin and the hair. In addition, avoiding exposure to the sun weeks before the treatment decreases possible complications after the procedure.

From the inception of permanent hair removal with a laser, patients with darker skin or ethnic ancestry have been advised to avoid the procedure because of the risks of burning and other post-procedural effects. So this type of permanent hair reduction was only available to individuals with light skin tones. Knowing this, patients with dark skin might feel they aren’t eligible for the procedure.

This limitation to who can benefit from laser hair removal may no longer exist.

In the past few years significant advances have been made in laser hair removal. Now laser technicians use cosmetic lasers that serve as precision tools, so they can reach melanin present in the hair follicle without harming epidermal pigment. These lasers are called Nd:Yag lasers and are designed especially for darker skin. With more education on the interaction of lasers with various skin tones and with greater adjust-ability in instruments, risk of complications on darker skin has been all but eliminated. Now anyone with any skin tone can take advantage of the beauty trend that keeps your skin smooth permanently!

If you have dark skin and have been hesitant to book an appointment because you had heard laser hair removal wouldn’t work with your skin color, call us or visit us in person. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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