Friday, February 12, 2016

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy Vampire Facelift™ Can Inject More Life Into The skin

Skin rejuvenation for reversing the effects of aging on sagging, wrinkled skin has become more and more of a demand for people who want to regain the smooth, line-free texture they once had in their younger years. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, also referred to as the Vampire Facelift™, is a groundbreaking procedure that should be considered for problem areas on aging skin. Just don’t let the scary name spook you. PRP therapy is extremely effective at improving the volume and the complexion of the skin, although it’s been utilized for other medical purposes in the past. Now that it is being used for cosmetic procedures, the popularity of the treatment is increasing at a rapid rate. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a non-surgical skin repair system that uses hyaluronic acid fillers and extracted platelets from the patient’s own blood. The fillers and platelets are injected into damaged areas of the skin. Once the platelets are injected “growth factors”, which are proteins that repair damaged tissue, stimulate the cells to build more collagen and smooth out the wrinkles in the skin. This therapy supports the concept that the aging process can be reversed with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It’s a safe treatment and because it’s your own blood, complications are less likely to occur. It may sound like a strange process, but it produces outstanding results! Although it’s called a Vampire Facelift™, it’s not the equivalent to having a surgical facelift. The Vampire Facelift™ encourages the skin to naturally produce collagen so damaged, sagging, wrinkled skin can return to a smooth texture, but it doesn’t necessarily work for all patients. Some patients have skin that has sagged to a point that the skin is too loose to reap the benefits of the PRP therapy. These patients may want to seek a surgical solution involving a traditional facelift. Some doctors don’t believe that there’s a significant difference in solely using HA fillers and combining the fillers with the PRP therapy. Contrary to the skepticism of some physicians, there are celebrities like Bar Rafaeli and Kim Kardashian who have achieved amazing results with the PRP therapy, Vampire Facelift™. If Kim Kardashian is keeping up with the Vampire Facelift™ then it’s definitely worth a try. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is one of the best treatments on the market for plumping up skin and giving it back the youthful glow it deserves. Contact us today. We’ll be happy to tell you more about the treatment. We’re open 10AM to 6PM Tuesday – Friday and 10AM – 5PM on Saturdays for your convenience. Drop by and talk with us. Advanced Skin Fitness 2928 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219 (214) 521-5277

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