Thursday, February 18, 2016

Top 5 Reasons we are the best laser hair removal clinic in Dallas

Advanced Skin Fitness is the best Dallas laser hair removal provider. Pure and simple. We’re proud of that and we stand by it. We could have listed 10, or even 20 reasons why you should visit us for laser hair removal over anyone else in the DFW area. But we’ll keep it quick with these top five points to consider. Here they are in no particular order: Effective Laser hair removal treatments are not all created equal. Be aware that there are clinics in Dallas that still use very outdated laser technology. Our tools are cutting edge, and more effective. Studies have shown our lasers to outperform other technologies consistently.  Laser technology has only recently advanced to the point of presenting a permanent solution where previously lasers were semi-permanent and electrolysis was the only permanent solution. Older tools can’t claim the permanence and effectiveness that ours can. We have the very best technology. It just can’t be said anymore simply. Safer Like any aesthetic medical procedure, laser hair removal can go wrong. As noted in this article, many laser hair removal clinics staff technicians who have not been well trained enough to safely conduct treatments on a diversity of hair and skin types. By contrast, our technicians have many years of training and experience. Out of the many years we have offered laser hair removal, we have had no patient injuries. Additionally, our GentleLASE process helps protect your skin with a patented technology which helps reduce the burning sensation that older laser systems left after treatment. Faster Our technology allows us to adapt our lasers to individual circumstances and choose the best pulse rate, spot size and power for faster treatments while maintaining effectiveness. All Skin Colors No single laser technology can address every skin color. Some lasers are effective at removing darker hair on lighter skin, others are better at addressing hair on dark skin. Our variety of technology, tools are non-optional for getting results on any skin and hair type combination. More affordable We didn’t want to stop at offering faster, more effective hair treatment than anyone else in Dallas. We also wanted to make it more affordable. The effectiveness of our technology combined with the volume of our practice helps us pass savings on to you. In fact, we routinely offer additional coupons online in addition to our competitive pricing. Give us a call to see what promotions we have running.  

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