Friday, August 12, 2016

The Benefits of Doing a Cleanse: Detox, Lose Weight and Get Healthier Looking Skin

Your body is in constant battle, whether you’re struggling to eliminate cellulite, working to lose unwanted pounds, fighting to achieve healthy skin or trying to force toxins out of your body. With the various ways to address these issues a juice cleanse or master cleanse can begin to solve all of these problems within in a matter of days. A juice cleanse and a master cleanse both involve drinking a mix of nutritional ingredients for a few days to help remove toxins from the body. Following this regimen should also result in weight loss and clearer skin. To differentiate the two, a juice cleanse requires you to drink a combination of fresh vegetable and fruit juices and a master cleanse entails solely drinking a concoction of fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water for several days. What’s remarkable about both of these cleanses is that they are basically fasts that can quickly began to detoxify the body by ridding it of contaminants that are ingested daily. The toxins that are in food, water and air become deposited in the fat cells and can come from  pesticides, chemicals from processed foods, antibiotics and hormones found in food, household cleaners, detergents, food additives, heavy metals, drugs, cigarette smoke and automotive exhaust. During this process the body begins to lose water, along with fat deposits associated with cellulite. With a master cleanse people can lose up to 20 pounds, but can quickly gain it back, if they don’t follow a healthy diet that includes a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. People tend to keep the weight off longer with a juice cleanse and have more energy With each of these cleanses you should notice that as the toxins are excreted from the body, skin conditions like premature aging, acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis liver spots and rashes will start to alleviate. And skin should no longer be as dry or dull. You can decide which cleanse works best for you. Just keep in mind that the main objective is to detoxify the body. The weight loss and clearer skin is just a bonus! For more information on other ways to remove cellulite, excess weight and skin repair stop by Advanced Skin Fitness. We have procedures that are virtually pain free and quick. We’re open 10AM to 6PM Tuesday – Friday and 10AM – 4PM on Saturdays for your convenience. Drop by and talk with us. Advanced Skin Fitness 2928 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219 (214) 521-5277  

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